dan horne

dan horne

Saturday, 21 May 2016

Mighty Minis are go!!

Here we go start of the Mighty Mini race season. Brands Hatch here we go...

We left on Thursday evening, got there a bit late but that's OK. Some of the other drivers were there.

Waking up on the Friday morning to glorious sunshine. All four race cars were ready. The day went well just cleaning the cars and chatting to other drivers.

Saturday morning race day... Yes rain and windy…Great not. All cars went through scrutineering easily, now to get ready for the races.

We all had a free practice session first thing in the morning, that was great to refresh the brain.

Quali was not good. The rain was falling and the track was really slippery. I got the car back in one piece though. My other three drivers all did good too - no damage.

The first race for the Supers was OK but still very slippery . I did not do too well in this race I came 9th but it was the first race in this Super.

Then it was time for the Mightys. My three drivers were all ready to go. I gave them some advice and away they went.

Josh Young came 6th, Paul Ogborn !! and Kev Strutt came 12th. Paul and Kev have never raced in Mightys before so they've done well.

With all cars back safe it was time to check all the Minis before the next races. Fueled up, tyre presures and nut and engine check.

In the evening we had a barbeque that was good, it gave us all a chance to catch up what we have been doing over the winter..

First out was Supers. Yes it's still cold and wet.. I did OK and came 6th. Poor Scot Kendal rolled his car. He is fine but the car was a bit of a mess.

The next race is the Mightys. My three were ready to go. This was an amazing race. the top 3 was changing all the time; Paul Inch, Stuart Coombs and Josh Young. The final lap was not so good though as Josh Young skidded and Stuart just nudged his back and Josh ended up in the gravel on his side. He is OK and the car was not too bad. All Josh was worried about was the car bless him. Well done Paul Inch for first place.

What an amazing meeting - ups and downs. Well done to all drivers. that was a hard race.


A few days later
Better sort Josh's car out. It was not too bad but there was gravel everywhere. It needed to put a few panels back straight and a good check over. Paul Ogborn's and Kev Strutt's car just needed a check over and few adjustments. My car I have to do some work on it.

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